Sore Back Pain Relief

Sore Back Pain Relief

A sore back can be debilitating. We work to understand your low back pain and put a plan in place, together. We want you pain-free, moving better, and moving forward in life with confidence.

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Lower Back Problems | Sore Back
The Causes of Lower Back Problems
Treatment for Lower Back Problems | Back Pain Relief
Exercises for Back Pain Relief and Sore Backs

Lower Back Problems | Sore Back

The intrinsic muscles of the back, a heavy focus of ours in back pain relief and rehabilitation.

The lower back can withstand tremendous forces without injury. However, if the lower back has weakened supporting muscles, or musculature imbalances something as simple as taking a bag of groceries can cause an injury such as lower back spasms, lower back muscle pain, lower back ache, or a sore back.

Eighty percent of people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections. It is estimated that lower back pain affects more than half of the adult population each year and more than 10 percent of all people experience frequent bouts of sore back pain.

The susceptibility of the low back to injury and pain is due to the fact that the low back, like the neck, is a very unstable part of the spine, unlike the thoracic spine, which is supported and stabilized by the rib cage. This instability allows us to have a great deal of mobility to touch our toes, tie our shoes or pick something up from the ground, but at the cost of increased risk of injury.

As long as the low back is healthy and functioning correctly, it can withstand tremendous forces without injury. Professional powerlifters can pick up several hundred pounds off the floor without injuring their low back. However, if the low back has weakened supporting muscles or musculature imbalance, something as simple as taking a bag of groceries out of the trunk of their car, picking something up off the floor, or even simply bending down to pet the cat can cause a sore back, lower back aches, or lower back spasms.

The Causes of Lower Back Problems

There are many different conditions that can result in lower back spasms and lower back aches, including: sprained ligaments, strained muscles, ruptured disks, trigger points and inflamed joints. While sports injuries or accidents can lead to injury and pain, sometimes even the simplest movements, like picking up a pencil from the floor, can have painful results. In addition, conditions such as arthritis, poor posture, and pathologies in the kidneys can lead to pain.

Due to the fact numerous ailments can cause lower back muscle pain, it is important to seek professional help. Chiropractors are the experts at diagnosing the cause and determining the proper treatment for low back pain. Here are some of the most common causes we see:

Disc Herniations

Contrary to popular belief, a herniated disc does not automatically mean that you are going to suffer from low back pain. On the other hand, herniated discs can be a source of intense and debilitating pain that frequently radiates to other areas of the body. Unfortunately, once a disc herniates, they rarely, if ever, completely heal. Further deterioration can often be avoided through regular chiropractic care, but a complete recovery is much less common.

Lowe Back Sprains, Lower Back Strains, Lower Back Muscle Spasms, or a Sore Back

This is commonly the source of lower back aches among the weekend warriors. You know, the type who have very little physical activity during the week, but once the weekend arrives, they push themselves way too much. Overworking the lower back muscles or ligaments of the low back can lead to small tears in the tissues, which then become painful, swollen, and tight.


When you’re stressed, your body responds by increasing blood pressure and heart rate, flooding the body with stress hormones and tightening up muscles, which include your low back muscles. When you’re constantly stressed, chronic tension causes your muscles to become weak, and will sometimes present as a sore back loaded with trigger points.

Treatment for Lower Back Problems | Back Pain Relief

The ACP provides clinicians and patients with guidelines on recommendations to treat acute, sub-acute, and chronic back pain.

In 2017, the American College of Physicians (ACP) developed a guideline to present evidence and provide clinical recommendations on noninvasive treatment for low back pain. From that report, it was recommended for acute, sub-acute, and chronic back, clinicians and patients should select nonpharmacologic treatments, which includes spinal manipulations, a key modality wiith in chiro care.

It was also recommended treatment for chronic low back pain should also include exercise, multidisciplinary rehabilitation, and motor control exercises. The ACP also stated, ‘Nonpharmacologic interventions are considered as first-line options in patients with chronic low back pain because fewer harms are associated with these types of therapies than with pharmacologic options.

After a full evaluation to understand the nature of your low back pain, we work to give you back pain relief as quickly as possible if conservative care is warranted. From there, we will then work to build coordination and strength in the structures in and around the low back. We also provide you the tools for those days that your sore back might bother you.

Although adjusting the lower back does provide relief, we also leverage the use of Active Release Techniques to help the soft tissue around the lower back, while introducing specific rehabilitative exercises to re-educate and engagement the muscles of the low back, hips, and abdominal region.

Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Every person presents different with lower back pain, and their lower back problems can be exacerbated by certain movements. It’s our job to find your tolerances and build a plan for back pain relief from there. With our patients, we look to find the hardest thing they’re able to do, and build from there.

We want back pain relief as quickly as possible, but we also want you moving better and moving forward in life with confidence. This is done by educating you on proper biomechanics through movement patterns of everyday life, while also giving you specific exercises that will help build strength and endurance. These exercises for low back pain relief will also provide as a tool when you have flair ups. We want you to be equipped with the right exercises for your lower back pain providing autonomy, but also know we are always here when you need help.

“My sister-in-law was in town over the holidays and was barely able to move with some severe back pain, so we decided to go see Dr. Centofonti who graciously fit us into his busy holiday schedule (thank you!!). I know that my sister-in-law might need some follow-up sessions back in her hometown, as the doc provided her with the names of some practitioners in her area, but after just 1 session with Dr. Centofonti she regained her mobility and was able to enjoy the rest of her vacation.”

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