Leander Sports Chiropractor and Active Release Techniques Muscle Therapy

Stay in the Game

Whether in life or in sport, we all experience setbacks, injuries, or pain.  With our functional approach, we work to understand and eliminate pain as quickly as possible, re-educate proper movement patterns to help you stay in the game and move forward with confidence.

We’re not just chiropractors, we’re musculoskeletal specialists dedicated to providing you the best care.

Leander Sports Chiropractor

What to Expect from Zygo Sport and Spine


We do a thorough evaluation and assessment to fully understand the potential causes of your injury as well as avenues we can take towards your care. Our initial evaluations usually take an hour and if warranted, we will start treatment on the same visit.

Game Plan

We work together to formulate a game plan. We are NEVER going to make you sign up for a set amount of visits, or pre-pay for ANY sessions. If we don’t see marked improvements after a few treatments, we will work to refer you to the appropriate provider.


We spend time with our patients and won’t be rushing you in and out. Some treatment sessions will be longer than others and the focus might change from time to time. Generally, our treatment sessions are 20-30 minutes in duration.

Our goal is for you to be pain-free, moving better, and moving forward in life with confidence.

The Gold Standard in Muscle Therapy

Active Release Techniques Certified Provider

Active Release Techniques® is the global leader in non-invasive soft-tissue and nerve treatment, including treatment of strains, sprains, and other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Hands-on, movement-based ART muscle therapy treatment is specifically designed to quickly reduce pain and restore function.

Whether you’ve got a minor strain or a complex injury, ART gets you back to work and back to play faster and more effectively than conventional therapy methods.

Zygo Sport and Spine is a Leander sports chiropractor and full body Active Release Techniques Certified Provider specializing in soft tissue therapy.

ART Spine Level 1 Certified

Treatment of structures pertaining to the upper, middle, and lower back, abdomen, neck, jaw, and head. Dr. Centofonti is Active Release Techniques (ART muscle therapy) in the spine.

ART Lower Extremity Level 1 Certified

Treatment of structures pertaining to the feet, ankles, legs, knees, and hips. Dr. Centofonti is Active Release Techniques (ART muscle therapy) in the lower extremity. This includes things like plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and hip pain.

ART Upper Extremity Level 1 Certified

Treatment of structures pertaining to the hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders, Dr. Centofonti is Active Release Techniques (ART muscle therapy) in the upper extremity including conditions like rotator cuff syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, golfers elbow, and tennis elbow.

Suffering from Plantar Fasciitis?

We can help! With Active Release Techniques, we can isolate and treat each structure of the foot, ankle, and leg. This includes muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and each joint articulation. We don’t stop there, we asses your gait and retrain the muscles to provide stability, strength, and endurance to keep you moving forward.

What Our Patients Say

“My sister-in-law was in town over the holidays and was barely able to move with some severe back pain, so we decided to go see Dr. Centofonti who graciously fit us into his busy holiday schedule (thank you!!). I know that my sister-in-law might need some follow-up sessions back in her hometown, as the doc provided her with the names of some practitioners in her area, but after just 1 session with Dr. Centofonti she regained her mobility and was able to enjoy the rest of her vacation.”

Tony H.

Leander Sports Chiropractor

Zygo Sport & Spine’s Hours

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